Our Regulatory Compliance Officer Apprentices at OPSS

Applications for the 2023 cohort closed on 14th May 2023. Please check our blog and subscribe to receive an update when the scheme is relaunched.


We are the Office for Product Safety and Standards Enforcement Teams With over 100 staff, we are responsible for ensuring that businesses comply with a wide range of product regulations. Our mission is to help protect people and the environment. We do this by enforcing regulations which means supporting businesses into compliance and taking enforcement action where necessary.

We regularly recruit cohorts of new Enforcement Officers, who will start their regulatory career journey with us by undertaking the Level 4 Regulatory Compliance Officer Apprenticeship. You do not need to have previous regulatory experience, but you do need to have the drive to succeed in a career in regulatory enforcement.

Do you have both the tenacity to follow processes to ensure our actions as regulators are complaint whilst thinking strategically and creatively about how we can identify the most important problems an the most effective ways of solving them?

If you meet the eligibility requirements then please apply!

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£25,310 – £27,515

The Application Process

You should hear whether you have been offered a interview within three weeks of the applications closing.

I started at OPSS in February 2019 as an RCO apprentice, having come from another regulator (claims management regulator). Since joining I have worked on 3 different teams and worked on a large number of projects and workstreams – but one thing has been constant – I have never been short of new learning opportunities, from ‘the early days’ of completing my apprenticeship course, while learning the product safety regulations, through to completing the Enforcement Investigation Skills Training Course. The rich and varied learning opportunities I have been afforded have undoubtably helped me in my day to day work, but also helped me to progress within the organisation and become more capable within my role.”

For me, the stand out feature of the apprenticeship for OPSS apprentices is the rotation system – I started in the Timber team and then joined the Alternative Fuel Labelling team before finally landing here in Product Safety. At first I can say we were all apprehensive about the rotation system. However, after having experienced working in different teams, I can say that this is the of the key benefits we have had, and I feel it definitely puts OPSS apprentices at an advantage over the other apprentices from different organisations who we attend workshops with. Some of the positives are you get to see how different sectors are regulated because they are all enforced differently, learning new regulations, understanding your powers and limitations and how they can differ depending on the regulation. You learn about different industries and challenges that affect a particular sector, engage with different types of businesses, and probably most importantly, rotating into different team allows you to meet more of your OPSS colleagues, many come from a variety of backgrounds with a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from, which will be invaluable for you apprentices when working on your coursework, as well as your on the job projects.

OPSS and my apprenticeship has awakened my potential that I never thought I had and the skills and qualities that was within me. The encouragement, the learning opportunities that you wouldn’t have anywhere else and what most amazed me is, the fact that I can approach anybody, and they would listen to my concern and help me. My first rotation was with the timber team, but it doesn’t feel that I’ve ever left, as we all still help each other and eat lunch together. I’ve worked on several casefiles while I was on Timber team and now, I am completing my own project with the current Eco Design team, and this is how I am evolving daily.

My apprenticeship has been proven to be very effective. I have managed to work through different units, the apprenticeship has given me a pre-eminent knowledge and skills which helps my daily work. For instance, we have covered risk assessment, inspection, effective communication, non-compliance, and sanction. It has expanded my understanding of my organisation, the partner organisation, and businesses. We have over 20 assignments  to undergo during these 15 months and to do that we have to go through plenty of research and seek help from our colleagues.

So far, I am enjoying the work entailed, the self-management that I need between work, trainings, and apprenticeship and the grasping all information that’s passed to me by my tutor and colleagues, which will pay off once I achieve my goal. The apprenticeship is run by Babington, the tutor has been very helpful, flexible, and provided me with constructive feedback.

Rotations are best for my learning process.  I am not only talking about learning the technicality or how to be a competent regulator, but I am also talking about getting to know more of my colleagues, engaging with different businesses, and learning from different brains (team leaders) as everyone has their own method. How fantastic this is, that we get to do all of this in 18 months, how fortunate for us to meet the warmest colleagues, getting to know their kindness and how they want us to be the next them.

I believe an apprenticeship is the most logical way to success.

Some of the teams you may be part of include: