Every hazard, every skillset

Our work is currently split into nine areas, each led by a Deputy Director and Functional Team Leaders:

Testing and Targeting

Here we provide scientific, technical, risk and testing capacity. We provide insights into consumer and business behaviours, as well as technical services to ensure the legal metrology system operates effectively in protecting consumers, whilst supporting UK engineering and manufacturing. We also ensure that high level test projects are delivered, as well as planning for incident management.

Science, Engineering and Analysis

This team provides engineering, technology and scientific evidence and advice to underpin policy and enforcement, whilst also providing analytical support across OPSS. We give businesses the confidence to innovate, whilst protecting consumers and the public.

Construction Products and Delivery

This is the newest area of work for OPSS. It was agreed in January this year that as an established national product regulator with relevant expertise, OPSS should be the national regulator for construction products, operating as a Joint Unit, accountable to MHCLG Ministers for its constriction products function. OPSS was identified as the product regulator of choice in the Independent Hackitt Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The team in this area are currently scoping OPSS’ work as the national regulator for construction products, to be operational in 2022.

Market Surveillance

Here we develop evidence-based policy for product safety, legal measuring standards and hallmarking as well as standards and accreditation. We engage with local authorities and businesses, consumer bodies and stakeholders, whilst also providing briefings and policy advice to ministers.

Energy and Product Enforcement

This area addresses complex regulatory delivery issues. We enforce safety and environmental regulations related to products and assure the accuracy of our energy supply, working to ensure environmental damage and waste is reduced. We operate Primary Authority, enabling businesses to benefit from the consistency and confidence in local regulation.

Legal and Governance

Here we provide expertise on legal processes for enforcement and regulatory policy and practice, ensuring that we stick to principles of good regulation. We support the development of new processes and tools to strengthen governance, accountability and regulatory practice.

Trade, International and Policy

This team leads OPSS in trade negotiations, delivering on legislation and providing advice and practical tools to overseas governments, ensuring consumer protections are maintained. We lead policy projects and development and report to wider government on our Europe and Trade programmes.


This team leads on external connections, supporting priority projects and providing clarity on strategy. We provide the lead on learning and development, as well as internal communications, engagement and culture.


Here we assist our teams on programme and project management, financial and people resources, digital and technology services and operational support, providing excellent customer service to internal and external customers as the first point of contact into OPSS.